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VIB (Xiamen) Plumbing INC.

VIB (Xiamen) Plumbing INC. specializes in the design, development ,production and sale of toilet tank fittings and other bathroom handware Our VIB trademark is registered in mainland China and our designs are patented.

Source you bathroom hardware from us and you will be assured of products that meet the strict plumbing requirements of the US and Canada .Approved by the American Society of Sanitary Engineers (ASSE1002-1986), Canadian Standards Association (CSA B125) and Universal Plumbing Codes (UPC), our fittings are ready for sale in your market , too .

Choose from our range, updated with one new item per quarter .Our R&D team, led by our general manage with over a decade of experience ,can customize products for you in 45 days.

Sourcing ABS from Taiwan, POM from Germany and PP from South Korea, we can produce up to 450.000 sets of fittings monthly. We are ISO9001:2008-certified. All finished products are inspected piece by piece, to ensure quality. And as added value for you , our products are guaranteed for five years. Inquire today.